Special Guest Etiquette

A guide to being a great audience member for our special guest Q and A's


Please observe the following professional etiquette when in a special guest session.

Stay muted unless you have been called on by the instructor to ask a question. Instructors will be actively keeping you muted, but do your part.

If someone is unmuted and talking, we do NOT need 15 other people telling the person to mute themselves. That is the instructor's job, not yours. It only makes things more chaotic and disruptive.

This goes for all classes, but if you join and they are not paying attention, are asleep in front of your camera, playing video games, etc- then turn your video off at least. It is very inconsiderate looking to have someone volunteering their time to us and to see people on screen not paying attention.

The instructors moderate the guests and are doing their best to get to all questions and comments, but one hour is not always enough time to get to everyone. Type your question in the comments if you can, use the raise hand button feature, and be patient. If you are constantly requesting to be called on, it is less likely to happen.

Do not just sit in front of your screen with your hand up. We can't always see you! Use the button.

If you have a question, keep listening while you wait for your turn. Many times I have heard the same question already answered by our guest and then it appears we aren't giving them our respectful attention.

Ask thoughtful questions- remember this is a chance for you to learn from others, not just be a fan! It's okay to tell someone you like their work of course, but keep that short and have questions prepared.

Sample questions you can ask: "How did you first get interested in (whatever their job is)?" "Who are your role models/inspirations?" "What movies do you watch over and over?" "What is something you think we should know about you?" "What is the most underrated job on a film set?"