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What are Future's Explored Virtual Classes?


See the class schedule and links to zoom classes below. Requires access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone for video connection.

These are password protected. Reach out to a staff member for access if you did not receive the password by email.

Phone lines from any device can be dialed in using +1 669 900 6833 to join by phone with the 9 digit mobile id followed by #, then hit # again for participant id. Enter Password when asked.

Please remember to send your name, last name first, via text chat to your instructor at the end of class and have your REAL NAME as your zoom name.

If classes do not start right away, just give it a few minutes for the instructor to get started.

If you are kicked out of the room, or the zoom is suddenly ended early DON'T PANIC! Just re-click the original zoom link in a few minutes. The instructor will restart ASAP.

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