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Daily Blog 5.17.21 - CLASS CHOICES FOR JUNE & TV SHOW!

Morning Meetings


We will be meeting TOMORROW morning (Tuesday, May 18th) at 8.30AM to do class selections for JUNE. It is a requirement for ALL students to attend.

Please join the correct link relating to the program location you attend: LIVERMORE: SACRAMENTO: STOCKTON:

For students who are IN-PERSON this week at Livermore, please speak with Nikko today about how you will be doing your class selections.


For Get Inclusive!

One Actor. Shooting one day between 5/24-5/26. Need audition tapes sent to HESTER ASAP via text or email. please read the following:

Inclusion is a feeling we can all relate to on an innately human and emotional level. It’s something we’re much more aware of when we don’t feel it than when we do. If you've ever: Felt left out of a conversation Waited for a party invitation that never came Dreaded being the last kid picked for the team, or Felt like a "third wheel" … You know this feeling.

Send to:

**TV Documentary Series Opportunity**

Student Resources Page

Please familiarize yourself with the student resources page on our website. This has the link to the daily blog that you should check every day while attending Futures Explored until further notice. The Daily Newsletter will replace the emails that have been out. Please continue to check the Daily Newsletter at and click "Daily Blog".

Students can sign up HERE to receive an email reminder for the Daily blog. You will receive an email notification every time a new one is posted.

Student Absences

Please fill out our absence form if you plan on missing a class. This will automatically send a message to your teachers. Thanks!


Rosters and Schedule

Special Guests:

Zoom Class Information

  • The password for ALL classes will be the same: futures

  • The password to the student resources page on the website is futures

  • When you arrive in the zoom meeting, you will be entered into a "Waiting Room". The staff will let you in, please be patient. This is to increase our security.

  • Use your real name for your participant name. We are now requiring all online participants to please write their REAL name for your zoom meeting ID.

  • Please remember to respond to staff phone check-ins when appropriate.

  • Please observe our professional etiquette rules when in a special guest session.

  • Attendance to your site's morning meeting is required every week.

  • You are expected to attend 3 classes per day online.

  • Our stay-at-home orders will extend until further notice.

  • Do not give out the passwords or invite outside people to classes without approval from staff.

Technical problems?

Questions about the workshop COVID-19 closure can be directed towards Hester Wagner at

Phone Passwords

Phone password info can be found below (scroll to the far right)

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